New Hope Industrial Park
25 sheffield st.
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In the late eighties the famous Artex Woolens was a shadow of its former glory days. Once considered the most modern equipped woolen mill in the country, it now stood as a 200,000 sq. ft. orphaned firetrap. Vandalism, unpaid taxes and environmental concerns made this eyesore an unpopular fixture within one of Hespeler's industrial areas.

In 1997 New Hope Properties, owned by Terry and Brenda Carter, bought this property and set out on a massive 1-1/2 year compaign to clean up the entire site. Of particular significance was the massive cleanup from a fire which levelled 30,000 sq. ft. of space in January of 1994.

Following the clean up, well over $1,000,000 was spent in completely replacing all the infrastructure-plumbing, electrical, gas lines and firewalls. Externally, the fascia underwent a complete 'facelift' and the 9-1/2 acre site has been divided for parking and trucking requirements.

Today, the site is home to 10 tenants and provides a place of employment for a workforce numbering over 100. The division of space is relatively unchanged from its former occupant but now has a balanced mix of light industrial (wood/metal), packaging, warehousing and office space.


Space allocation (sq. ft.)
Manufacturing 20,734
Office 8,685
Warehouse 75,564
Future develop. 81,593
Owner's maint. 13,150
Total 199,726

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